Did renaissance women remove their body hair
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Autor:  uparexi [ 13 wrz 2017, o 11:08 ]
Tytuł:  Did renaissance women remove their body hair

Thus, numerous feminists have talked about, as being a “normal” woman involves a lot of work that men normally need not do. Sandra Bartky, inside a much cited essay of 1988, considers Michel Foucault’s argument in depilacja laserowa trwałość Discipine and Punish that there was an “emergence of unprecedented discipline directed from the body” in the later eighteenth century. Bartky takes Foucault to task for ignoring gender – ““To have a very body felt being “feminine” – an appearance socially constructed over the appropriate practices – is most cases crucial to a woman’s a feeling of herself as female”. This explains normative self-governimg practices like the use of cosmetics, dieting and depilation. For both Bartky and Foucault this self-discipline is often a by-product of modernity. Bartky argues that “In contemporary patriarchal culture, a panoptical male connoisseur resides within the consciousness of many women: They stand perpetually before his gaze and under his judgment.”

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